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Ela Beach Tower

The Kenmore Group is one of the largest and diverse groups in Papua New Guinea with over 1400 staff and sales in excess of K430 million annually. Today's Kenmore Group resulted from the merger in 1991 of two similarly diverse groups, the original Kenmore Group of Companies and Dylup Group of Companies.

Currently the Kenmore Group has operations in Port Moresby, Lae, Mount Hagen, Tari and Kokopo.

Over 93% of our work force are PNG Citizens.

About the Kenmore Group - History

Kenmore Office and IT Room

The original Kenmore Group was founded in 1976 when our Chairman Dr. Lucio C. Tan was invited to invest in Papua New Guinea and started the Melanesian Tobacco factory at Rumion Farm in the Markham Valley, Morobe Province. Over the years further investments were made at the Rumion Farm with expansion of the piggery, in Atlas Steel and in property. Initially, the property investments were at Six Mile, and then later Ela Beach Tower was built and other residential and commercial units were acquired.

The Dylup Group can trace its history back to the Pacific Taxi Service. During the 1960's and early 1970's the original business grew, acquired distributorships and a branch network trading as PNG Motors.

Other new businesses followed, these included Daikin (air-conditioning) and PNG Air Freight (TNT Air Cargo).

In 1986 the various businesses, which were by then known as PNG Associated Industries, were purchased by Dylup Investment Corporation Limited. From then until the merger with the Kenmore Group, the core businesses expanded and new businesses were introduced. Some of the more successful new businesses included First Investment Finance Limited and Trans Melanesian Airways Limited (Wridgways PNG).

In 1991 the majority shareholders of the Dylup Group accepted an offer from the owner of the original Kenmore Group and the foundation was laid for the of the merger of the Kenmore Group as we now know it.

Today the Kenmore Group of Companies has seven main divisions and includes over twenty-seven different operations.

The success of the Kenmore Group of Companies continues and is manifested in our Vision Statement of providing:

  • Quality goods and reliable customer service at competitive prices.
  • Enjoyable work environment for our employees.
  • Financial growth and stability of the business.
  • Economic value added to investors' funds.